Monumental boutique hotel Finch in their best light 

Located in the heart of Deventer, a short distance from public transportation and vibrant city life, sits the luxurious and beautiful boutique hotel, FINCH. The municipality of Deventer commissioned Livingprojects, in collaboration with Color Kintecs and Signify, to illuminate the hotel’s historic exterior facade. Since the structure dates back to 1871, it was important to preserve the character of the building, while using light to honor its glorious past. 


Photo credits : Bart Ros


Honor historical character

The monumental building has a glorious past and you naturally want to do it justice. That is why we realized a lighting design that highlights the specials and details of the hotel building at their best. The fact that this building has a unique character is now also visible in the evenings! From the outside, of course.

Sleep tight

Minimal guest disruption was a requirement of the project before, during and after installation. In agreement with the hotel owner, specific time blocks for installation were agreed upon in advance. Moreover, the hotel’s unique and historic charm are now as visible in the evening as they are during the day, without disturbing hotel guest in their rooms with light spill. You can still get an amazing nights sleep, as we experienced ourselves. Because in between all the hard work, our technicians were allowed to experience an overnight stay in Hotel Finch.

Tech Talk

For the (technical) enthusiast: we have illuminated the hotel with fixtures from Color Kintecs, namely an Color Kintecs eW Graze en Color Kintecs eW Burst. All lighting on the facade is dimmable and can be easily and securely controlled by the hotel owner using Color Kinetcs Iplayer 3. Easy Peasy!


“Exceeded expectations!”

According to the hotel owner, the result "exceeded expectations." The character of the building was both maintained and emphasized in a unique manner and now serves as a wonderful calling card for the city of Deventer.


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