Solutions for specific areas

Meet our ‘ready-to-WOW’ concepts. Solutions meant for specific areas. Think of systems for sports facilities, swimming pools, historical city centres, or healthcare centres. Livingprojects knows exactly how to add WOW to premises like these. That means we know exactly how to create a multi-functional, efficient, attractive and  ‘WOW’-facility.

But how? Well, you don't have to worry about that. Because we already did! Smart solutions that can be applied to similar locations. Of course we customize the details to suit your taste. The concepts are pretty much ready for use. Therefore we do not only save time, but also money. It's a win-win right? 

Get the most out of your sport facility

Meet our LIVINGSPORTS concept. By offering this concept, we promise you’ll increase your customer base, your sales and revenue. How? Think about a multi-functional sports hall which is in use for 365 days a year. A space with the possibility for outstanding events which are filling the venue. Providing the best conditions for athletes and supporters. At Livingprojects we know exactly what you need to achieve these circumstances. Want to know more about it? Contact Yorick Breukers to learn more.

Coming soon

These concepts are almost ready to add WOW:

    Attracting more visitors to your swimming pool? A space that lends itself to your most creative imagination and to organise fun events? Add WOW with our Livingpool concept.
    Your city as a tourist attraction? A safe and fine environment for your residents. Being an eye-catcher among all the (historical) cities? Let’s add WOW with our Livingcity concept.


Didn’t find the right concept for you? Let’s start a project together!

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