Solutions for specific areas

Meet our ‘ready-to-WOW’ concepts. Solutions meant for specific areas. Think of systems for sports facilities, swimming pools, historical city centres, or healthcare centres. Livingprojects knows exactly how to add WOW to premises like these. That means we know exactly how to create a multi-functional, efficient, attractive and  ‘WOW’-facility.

Embodied learning

A classroom full of enthusiastic and energetic students: sounds good, right? It is possible with the help of interactive classrooms and gyms. Kids can make calculations and spelling exercises while jumping, dancing and running. Want to know more about it? Contact us for a demonstration.

Coming soon

These concepts are almost ready to add WOW:

    Your city as a tourist attraction? A safe and fine environment for your residents. Being an eye-catcher among all the (historical) cities? Let’s add WOW with our city concept.


Didn’t find the right concept for you? Let’s start a project together!

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