Let’s not make it a secret: we love our lighting fixtures and we love the people who decided to use them. That’s why we think it’s seriously important to take care of both. Also after the implementation of a project. Or after you’ve become the proud owner of one of our lighting fixtures and installations.

LivingCare Service

To ensure the best performance and durability of your installation we have our special service packages. Perfect for predictive and preventive maintenance and quality control. To prevent unexpected costs and extended downtime. For example, in case of a technical malfunction. You never know, right? We understand that not everyone needs the same kind of service. Therefore we established three levels of packages.

  1. Essential services: our basic package to provide you with all the essentials when it comes to our service.
  2. Premium services: for those who need more service security and flexibility on top of all the essentials.
  3. Premium+ services: this will give you a maximum service against fixed costs.

We can guarantee you one thing: your fixtures will always be in great shape. And if not: we’ll fix it!

Want to know more about LIVINGCARE? Give us a call or send an e-mail.

Light as a Service

Thanks to the Light as a Service model, you can now have access to the most advanced lighting techniques, without investing in the fixtures. That’s right, you get access over ownership, because Livingprojects will remain the owner of all the equipment. This pay-as-you-go model does not require any big investments, making led lighting a much more affordable option. It’s all inclusive, which means no extra costs for maintenance or any repairs. In short, you know exactly what you’re dealing with. And that’s the way we wanna add WOW!

Spread payment

Want to have the best WOW-solutions without cutting that budget too much? We get that! That’s why we offer you the option of spread payment. You split up the payment in 6 to 120 months against very appealing rates and conditions.

Any questions about the possibility of monthly payments? Just give us a call!

Vari-Lite Service Center

Do you own a Vari-Lite fixture and is it in need of repair or maintenance? As an official Vari-Lite Service Center, we can help you!


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