Technique with a  wow  effect

You have a certain goal, a dream, a crazy idea or a problem to solve. No matter how you say it or what the question is, Livingprojects finds solutions in advanced lighting technologies. Characterized by curiosity, creativity and foundational knowledge,  we are able to turn ideas into realizations. Light is our greatest calling, but often we mix it up with sound, content and scent technologies. To leave you and your clients standing in amazement. To turn ‘nice’ into ‘WOW’. Because that’s what we do – we add WOW.


Iconic Projects

Looking for ways to create a flexible and efficient environment? To offer a bigger experience for visitors? To make a truly unforgettable impression? To find out ways to get more customers? We’ve got you covered! Livingprojects knows exactly what you need to make some magic happen. No matter what your goal or business is.



Effective, proven and WOW. Meet our ‘ready-to-WOW’ concepts. Ideas meant for specific areas. Think of immersive systems for sports halls, swimming pools, historical city centers, or healthcare centers.



Livingprojects distributes the most advanced (lighting) brands. A fine selection of professional hardware. In case you’d like to add that WOW yourself!



To ensure the ‘WOW’-feeling never stops, we provide you with several services to take care of your installations. Services to guarantee you the best performance and durability of the hardware and to support you in financial solutions.


Wanna visit our show?

Let’s make that happen! We have a fantastic show waiting for you. One that stimulates all your senses. A demo that’s worth a thousand words. One that will light up your day. You’ll experience the endless possibilities of light, sound, content and scent technologies all together. Feel free to visit us and get a spectacular impression. You might even get loose feet, if you’re up for it.

Curious? See you soon!