Technology with
a  wow  effect

An environment that amazes. A concept that will awaken your senses. A goosebumps moment. That's what we want! We know exactly what your brand needs to not only reach your audience, but to excite them, too! By appealing to different senses we trigger emotions, discover what moves the recipient, and create an unforgettable brand experience. How? By using technologies in light, sound, vision, smell and digital control. Blend that with an open mind, fantasy and a bit of rocket science and “poof”… there it is - the WOW! That's what we do: we add WOW.



Attract and hold attention, communicate messages, convey emotions, aid orientation, ease familiarisation, and boost your visibility with striking LED facade lighting. Build a positive brand identity, increase brand awareness, and hit the news. Goosebumps and huge awards guaranteed!



If done correctly, illuminating your building can increase visitor numbers, visibility and sales. It highlights everything your company, or even you stand for. Light can help to focus attention on entire buildings and objects, giving them a prominent appearance. Lighting helps to reveal the existing form of a building and create a unique brand identity, while respecting people's living environment. Fancy improving visibility or brand awareness? 

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Want to work in the office of the future? Awesome! Livingprojects helps you to create modern and inspiring working environments with lighting technologies, digital signage and interactive screen communication. Your office is a visual translation of your brand identity. Together, we can make sure that your company receives a boost that adds "WOW"!


Interactive Retail

The physical store is the place where visitors can see, taste, smell, touch and gain an overall experience of your brand. Enhance the physical retail experience and discover a new kind of shopping where every action has a digital reaction. Livingprojects offers technical solutions to meet a specific need or trigger a purchase. We provide retailers with tools that produce valuable data and build a shopping experience focused on interaction, activation, and the creation of fans.


Shows and events

The sound of pure emotion. The feeling of sensation. The vision of a crowd going wild...The wow factor is alive and kicking during shows and events. And that is exactly what you want!


Inspiring cities

Imagine this: the church, picturesque alleys, landmarks and monuments, bridges and tunnels…all connected, clearly visible and totally 'smart'! Do you see what we see? An inspiring city. A 'smart' city, a city which combines technologies in light, sound, vision and controls with the Internet of Things (IoT). The result? A wow experience, for both locals and visitors.



Livingprojects distributes the most advanced (lighting) brands. A fine selection of professional hardware, for you to add your own WOW factor!