We add wow

Did you ever have to pinch yourself to make sure that you weren’t dreaming because what you were looking at was just unreal? How many times did something catch you by surprise, just because it looked so amazing or it felt so right? Like those magical moments when you just stare at something and you’re repeatedly thinking: “WOW!”. We believe there should be more of those fascinating wow moments. That’s why we create them ourselves.


WHY we add wow

We love an environment that stimulates. One that impresses and amazes. One that does not only reach you, but also truly affects you. One that stands out in a world that’s ‘on’ for 24/7. So that you get the attention for the things you want to convey. An environment that creates jitters. A feeling of ecstasy. Big eyes. Mouth wide open. A moment of 100% goosebumps.


WHAT we do

We promise goosebumps all over. We achieve this by integrating light, sound, content (images) and scent technologies. We mix it up with pure devotion, craftmanship and creativity. What you get? A WOW! A technical and conceptual solution. An unforgettable impression that touches you. For clients who know that is the way to make a difference.


WHO we are

We are a technical and conceptual team. Some call us visionary, imaginative and amazing. But in the end, we are just a bunch of techies, happy with complicated engineering and techtalk. But above all making beautiful things. That is why we allow ourselves to say: we add WOW!


Are you looking for ideas, solutions, concepts or equipment? Fantastic! We’re thrilled that you’re on this journey and we can’t wait to bring you the tools you need to add WOW!

Curious where, when and how we add wow? 

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