from office to clubhouse

We know exactly what your dream office looks like. It’s a place where visitors are treated to an unforgettable business experience. Where important aspects are the involvement and satisfaction of employees. And where your office is a visual translation of your brand identity. At Livingprojects we help you to create such working environments with lighting technologies, digital signage and interactive screen communication. We’ll always find a solution that delivers value to your company. How about:


  • A LED video wall. Or, as we like to refer to it: the wall of WOW. Because with the right content you really make an above average impression!
  • ​​​​​​Digital Signage. The perfect tool to inform, entertain and activate your visitors, customers, and employees.
  • Presentation screens in the meeting room. Give highly interactive presentations and show fun facts or display a welcome message. Perfect for filling the time whilst your appointment is waiting for you.
  • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Interactive screen communication. For example, share company information or show important instructions.
  • UV-C lighting technology. Make your office environment safe and healthy.

Bring your brand identity to life
Support your customer journey
Boost corporate communication
An unforgettable experience

FROM KICK-START TO kick-ass office

Wanna create a kick-ass office? Let’s go for it! We’ll go through the following phases:


Strategy and creation

What will your future kick-ass office look like? Our strategists have a clear understanding of your challenges. During discussions, a visit to your office and a creative brainstorming sessions, they will gain valuable insights which will ultimately guide the creative concept. The purpose of this phase? A sparkle in your eyes, you will know: ‘’This is exactly what I was looking for!’’ Based on the concept, our designer is able to convert all the crazy ideas into a kick-ass plan. The result fits seamlessly with your business strategy.



Let's talk about tech, baby! Our engineers will work their asses off to develop the best possible technical solution. In short, they will brainsorm lots of tech stuff, resulting in staggering ideas!



The time has come: your kick-ass office comes alive! With boundless energy, our technicians will do everything possible to program the intended ‘picture’. And yes, that’s a goosebump moment!


Service and maintenance

A never-ending-wow. We believe it's important to take good care of the technology behind your kick-ass office. Even after completion. That's why we offer additional services. Do you require repair or maintenance? Or do you have a question? ‘’Livingtechs’’ to the rescue! 

kantoor van de toekomst vb1.jpg
kantoor van de toekomst vb3.jpg
kantoor van de toekomst vb2.jpg

the benefits of a kick-ass office?

Apart from the fact that it's extremely cool, are there any other benefits of a kick-ass office? Do you have a spare hour or two?

  • A perfect customer journey which makes sense from ''A to WOW''.
  • Digital signage ensures striking communications with maximum reach.
  • Employee and visitor involvement due to relevant communication
  • A perfect boost for your brand activation. All content fits seamlessly with your company's brand identity.
  • Happy customers: personalization and impressive content will bring a smile to the face of anyone entering your building.
  • Reduced absenteeism due to a healthy workspace with UV-C technologies.
  • Maximum productivity because of the highly effective technologies.
  • Big data enables insights to be collected through a dashboard for marketing or HR.
  • A smart environment where ease of use and simple control are guaranteed.

Do you want a kick-ass office?

Do you want to make your employees, visitors, and customers really happy? Please contact Stephan. He knows what options are available to you for your office environment and will inspire you with staggeringideas!

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Do you want a kick-ass office?

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