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Ledgevel, Media façade


Kim Fontein

Sep 1, 2021, 11:42 AM

Architectural facade lighting



Some of the most amazing buildings are not only a feast for the eyes during the day, but also at night. Don’t you want that for your building, too? Depending on the building, you could go for several different types of facade lighting. In this blog, I will guide you through some of the benefits of having architectural facade lighting.  


What is architectural facade lighting?

Before explaining why you should want it, you need to know what it is. You probably get the part about it being facade lighting, but what makes it architectural? Well, that is because this specific type of facade lighting is meant to boost the features of your facade. So, while a digital facade is able to display content, or is just there to be an eyecatcher, architectural facade lighting really exists to give the existing facade a boost. Not just new buildings, but also buildings that are centuries old can benefit from architectural facade lighting. Now that we know what it is, we can discuss the two main ideas behind using architectural facade lighting. 


Highlighting of existing features

Imagine for a moment, you own a castle. A castle build in the renaissance, with lots of remarkable details and an abundance of unique features. These features can sometimes be hidden in the shadows, and at night they are even less visible. So, to highlight these features during the darker moments, you can choose to add some lights. Architectural facade lighting gives you the chance to highlight unique features that otherwise might be looked over. And as you are well aware, it would be a shame to hide your unique facade in the dark. Architectural facade lighting gives your building a second chance at life. Obviously, you can also highlight a modern building, but you can see this idea behind facade lighting being used a lot in buildings that are a bit older than you and I.

Breepark led facade media facade


Communicate your building at night

Something you see in more modern buildings, is that the light plan is decided upon when the designing phase starts. This way, the architectural facade lighting becomes integrated in the building. However, architectural facade lighting can be added later as well. It can highlight certain architectural decisions, such as details, structures, or shapes. Not only that, but architectural facade lighting can also add a lot to the way the building is seen at night. It helps to achieve your communication goal, at night and during the day. It will also help you to showcase your building, making it more unique than others and giving the standard features an upgrade.



Of course, there are many more reasons to use architectural facade lighting. There are also more thinks to take into account when deciding upon using it – things like color, viewing angle, illumination, and shape. Do it right, and your building will be the talk of the town!




Do you think your facade could use a boost? Or do you have plans to build a new building that lends itself perfectly for architectural facade lighting? Please feel free to contact one of our specialists!