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Ledgevel, Media façade


Kim Fontein

Sep 1, 2021, 11:42 AM




Step one: figure out what your goal is. Why do you want to highlight the facade? What should the facade communicate? Step two: Draw and – okay, this won’t be a do-it-yourself tutorial. We would be out of work if it was. However, this blog is meant to give you some inspiration as to how your building would benefit from facade lighting. Since light promotes life, during the day but certainly at night, it is really something to think of. And you want to do it right.


Solid facade

If you want to light a solid facade, you can decide upon using floodlights. This creates a very uniform distribution of light. The building can look flat, but not in a negative way. Due to it looking flattened, the facade’s brightness will gradually decrease, thus eventually creating lower contrast between the building and the night sky. You can also decide upon grazing lights, which will highlight the finer facade details. Lots of ways to make your solid facade come to live!


Historic facade

A lot of older, historic facades consist of many unique details or imposing features. Using nuanced lights, you can make sure that these ornaments get their spot in the limelight, even at night! All the historic elements can receive a much-appreciated highlight, being easier to catch the eye. And no, the lights can always be placed in such a way that they are not obstructing the view. That way the historic facade can be left undisturbed.

Breepark led facade media facade
Transparent facade

There are also a lot of buildings that have a glass facade. You might be thinking if there is a way that you can highlight those facades without blinding the people inside. Well, there are several different ways. For example, if you want people to look into the building, you can use bright interior lights. The building is just illuminated from the inside, and you can see that through the glass facade. You can also highlight the supporting structure on the outside. This ensures that the glass planes become visible. 

Media or digital facades

There is also another way to direct attention to your facade. Using a media or digital facade ensures that your building becomes a landmark of great renown. You can use a digital facade to display content that boost your brand identity. Or you can attract the right target audience with the content shown. Of course, you don’t need to have content. You can also use colors, or other quirky little things that ensure that your building won’t be forgotten in the buzz of the city.


As each building is completely different, and since the surroundings need to be considered as well, there is no perfect way that works for each and every building. However, the things mentioned in this article can help you decide a little upon what kind of facade lighting you want. At the very least, it might have given you some possibilities you wouldn’t have thought of yourself.


Do you think your facade could use a boost? Did this article give you some ideas? Or do you have plans to build a new building that lends itself perfectly for facade lighting? Please feel free to contact one of our specialists!