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Ledgevel, Media façade


Kim Fontein

Sep 1, 2021, 11:42 AM

Interactive media facade



Media facades are the way to go if you want your building to be in the spotlight. Strikingly beautiful media facades are a great way to promote your brand and gain more brand awareness. They also allow you to make an impact on your city and it’s inhabitants. Think about it yourself, a gigantic display on your facade, presenting your own brand content, and who can look away? You are guaranteed to keep your eye on the media facade. And who is there to blame you? There is barely anything that is more awesome than such a facade. Except for one thing: an interactive media facade.


When is a facade interactive?

There is one thing people still struggle with. When does a facade become interactive? It’s on a building after all, so it’s hard to you know, touch it or interact with it. So, is it when the facade reacts to weather or nightfall? Or is it when there is one guy handling the controls? Or when the public can press a button and something on the facade changes?

Dynamic media facade

There are a lot of ways to make a media facade interactive. However, sometimes dynamic gets confused for interactive. A dynamic facade is one that constantly changes, without there seeming to be a reason. There might be someone in the building that secretly switches the colors, but that is usually not known to the passersby. Dynamic means that there is a possibility to change. How it happens depends on the facade and the wish of the owner.

Breepark led facade media facade


Interactive media facade

An interactive media facade means that the facade reacts to its surroundings. This could be achieved through the use of sensors. These sensors can, for example, monitor the amount of daylight, or if it’s raining, or the amount of cars passing the building. The sensor is connected to the facade, and depending on the data, the facade can change. What exactly changes is again up to the wish of the owner.

Another way to make a media facade interactive is to place a display. This display is connected to the facade, and by touching the display you can decide what lights up on the interactive media facade. So if you draw a star on the display, this will be displayed on the side of the building. Doing this, you really allow your passersby to decide what will be shown on your building, making it the most interactive possible. Having a “canvas” on your building will allow the public to be more engaged with your brand and you will create a space for social participation for everyone.



As you have read, an interactive facade can be done in multiple ways, reacting to the environment or taking input from people directly. One thing that is certain: people will love it!



Do you think your facade could use a boost? Or do you have plans to build a new building that lends itself perfectly for interactive facade lighting? Please feel free to contact one of our specialists!