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Ledgevel, Media façade


Kim Fontein

Sep 1, 2021, 9:42 AM



You might have seen it while walking in the city. At night, that is. A building illuminated by a line of light. Maybe even several lines, generating a modern and stylish design to look at. But why decide upon linear facade lighting? And what is it exactly?

What is linear facade lighting?

As you might have guessed based on the name, linear facade lighting is a type of facade lighting that uses lines of light. These lines consist of various led lights. It’s different from typical facade lighting as the light is only in that one narrow area the line is placed. It highlights just that one location. These lines can either be horizontal or vertical, depending on what suits the building best. And, of course, diagonal is also an option! If you want to, you can also place multiple led linear lights next to each other to generate a media facade. Since the led lines are capable of color changes, having a linear facade means having the possibility of a dynamic facade.

Why choose linear facade lighting?

Maybe you have seen linear facade lighting in some buildings already. If you have, you might have seen the aesthetic appeal it has. With lines you can make intricate geometrical designs. But you can also decide to go for the minimalistic approach, where there is just a line around the roof, for example. Both are very modern style choices.

Using linear facade lighting is also flexible as you can use it in a variety of ways. It can highlight your building partitions easily and give your building a whole other vibe quite quickly.

Most importantly, led lights are known for their excellent performance. Linear facade lighting consists of multiple led lights strung together to form a line. So, if you want a facade you can depend on while still keeping it simple, linear facade lighting is the way to go!

Breepark led facade media facade
Examples of linear facade lighting

Geminitower in Capelle aan de IJssel is a good example of linear facade lighting. The Geminitower makes use of vertical lines, which gives the impression that the tower is even higher than it really is. The tower is already an eyecatcher, but the addition of these striking blue lines adds extra to its visibility. And that is exactly why these lines were added: giving the building a unique look and a great wow-factor!

The office building of Rabobank in Utrecht also makes use of linear facade lighting. The two imposing towers make use of a subtle, horizontal line along the top. These lines, in the colors associated with the brand, make sure that these towers are a vital part of Utrecht’s skyline. Fun fact: the dynamic possibilities of led lighting come back in these lines as the towers change colors.



Do you think your facade could use a boost? Or do you have plans to build a new building that lends itself perfectly to linear facade lighting? Please feel free to contact one of our specialists.