No less than 50 kilometers of bike path along beautiful nature, panoramic views, castles, restaurants and cultural history: the Beekdaelen Route leads cyclists along the most beautiful gems of the municipality of Beekdaelen. You can stop at the Vogelsvalderenweg, where the history of the nearby Clemens church has been brought to life with the help of special lighting. 

Religious icons as a work of light art

Six icons in the form of saints have been incorporated into the asphalt of the Vogelsvalderenweg along the Beekdaelen route. The icons in the bicycle path light up when it gets dark, a magical effect! These are saints who are also depicted in the Clemens Church, which was proclaimed one of the most spiritual places in the Netherlands. The light art is not only a way to embellish the road surface of the Vogelsvalderenweg, but also helps to propagate the identity of the municipality of Beekdaelen.

Firmly in place

It was Bureau Verbeek who was commissioned by the municipality of Beekdaelen to design the lighting in the bicycle path. Signify and Livingprojects were brought in for the implementation. The big challenge of this project? Especially finding a suitable solution for the material on which the saints are displayed, because in addition to cyclists, heavier vehicles can also drive over the Vogelsvalderenweg. Therefore, among other things, a structural calculation and a test set-up of the solution were made. The current plastic plates and lighting have thus been fully tested and approved. And the rest is...history!

'WOW'-spotter attention!

Many tourists already came to admire the inspiring piece of Vogelsvalderenweg. The Beekdaelenroute  is therefore highly recommended for 'WOW'-spotters and for anyone who wants to be inspired by Limburg's rich history. Besides the Vogelsvalderenweg, we also made another piece of history visible for the municipality of Beekdaelen with the help of light: the Feldbiss rupture. 


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