best workspace to wow

Best Place in Best' is what this office building in Best is also named. And an office in the 'Best Place' category of course requires the ultimate wow-feeling. That's why the client called in Eentien Architects and Livingprojects for a cool lighting solution in different places inside and outside the office building. The result? Pretty WOW, right?

experience design

wow office facade

Even before you enter the office building, you are welcomed by the striking facade. The request: a facade with a calm appearance, but with a surprising effect! And for that surprise you have come to the right place. The façade was covered with cloth, behind which LED strips (Vaya Free Form) were mounted. During the day the lighting changes from warm white to cold white light: the right dose of WOW at any time! The reactions to the facade have been enthusiastic. The client says: "The reactions are great. Everyone is impressed. The facades do a wonderful job and give the building a stately appearance, a peaceful beacon in the landscape.''

A smashing entry

Five chandeliers in the entrance area always create the right atmosphere. From dynamic light settings, such as carnival and Christmas, to small shows that really add WOW: the chandeliers are true eye-catchers!

Atmospheric lunch breaks

At a 'Best Place', of course, everything should be at its best. That includes the company restaurant. Lighting there also creates a pleasant atmosphere thanks to Color Kinetics Burst and Blast fixtures. This lighting is pre-programmed on the basis of different seasons. Now that's atmospheric lunch and dining!

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