A striking office building for Bom Engineering 

“If we do it, we do it well”, is what Jeroen from Bom Engineering told us. Driven by that motto, the office building of this energetic company was provided with a striking facade. Because anyone who ever drives on the highway A17 near Oud Gastel had undoubtedly looked sideways where the, as Jeroen modestly calls it, ‘box of blocks’ aka the office of Bom, with a colorful appearance, catches a lot of views! 


Bom meets WOW

Not daily work, a striking portfolio of customers and highflyers with knowledge that go for a maximum result…No, we are not talking about ourselves here, but you could well think that we are brothers: Bom Engineering. A special group of people with a message that can be seen. Initially, advertising on a mast, a few hundred meters from the building, was conceived. But with a beautiful sight location on the A17 and a building that lends itself to telling a story, of course you would be crazy not to use it! The people at Bom Engineering thought that too. And that is why their own office building was used as a message. The main tools? Not a supersonic expensive led screen, but a budget-friendly one, ‘facade-sized’ print and the right lighting. And you can find that last one… at the construction market, right? 

WOW facade

That about the construction market is a joke, of course. Jeroen Bom can confirm that. The striking print on the facade was first illuminated with lighting from the local construction market. That seemed like a great solution, until the Livingprojects-techs were able to convince Bom Engineering of the power of a good lighting plan and the right fixtures. During a demo, it was compared what the light we chose does compared to the lamps of the construction market. Jeroen: “It had a surprising effect, much better than the lamps that we already had on it. “A tour of the highway meant that Jeroen actually had no choice anymore: the construction lamps had to make way for a pair of Color Kinetics fixtures that really underline the WOW factor of this facade. Striking facade lighting that is also easy to operate yourself. Because it also applies to us: if we do something, we do it well. 

The office building is alive

The office building has been provided with new lighting for a while now, and that is striking. “For us it is a gray box of blocks, but still a lot of people know our building. That was an extra reason to emphasize it. The building is alive, there is something to see.”, says Jeroen. 

What do we think of it? We now think the building is completely the Bom!