It is of great cultural-historical value for the region: the Feldbiss fault. A unique phenomenon in the landscape of among others the municipality of Beekdaelen. The real connoisseur sees the fault line in the earth's crust through a height difference in the landscape, but for most people the fault was previously invisible. A shame, because the fault has had a considerable impact on the South Limburg landscape. Therefore the municipality of Beekdaelen decided to make the fault line visible in collaboration with agency Verbeek and Livingprojects. This was done by a creative application of light, among other things.

A visualization of the Feldbissbreuk

The Feldbiss fault tells a special story from the history of this part of Limburg. A history that the municipality of Beekdaelen wants to propagate. To make the fault line visible in the evening, six large Corten steel light elements were placed in the landscape. From one side of these objects shines a green line, which visualizes the fault line. The green line points from each object in the direction of the Feldbiss fault, so you can see where it runs.

Smart control

Also the text 'Feldbiss', which was incorporated in the elements, turns completely green in the evening light. Each light object is equipped with a solar panel, so that it generates its own energy! Thanks to extensive engineering, the light controls itself based on the available solar energy. Thus a characteristic story about the South Limburg landscape and the mining industry has been brought to life. 

Fun fact: earlier the municipality of Beekdaelen also emphasized its rich history with light art at de Vogelsvalderenweg!