Let's play wow!

How can you create a better and dynamic atmosphere in a casino? Maybe you want to take a chance? Something with lighting, you say? Bingo!

Smart application of lighting not only has a major impact on visitors' senses, but also makes a room come together. Exactly what Holland Casino Breda and intended.



Excitement, entertainment and most importantly a lot of fun. The environment and more specifically the lighting of the casino has an essential role when it comes to creating the right atmosphere and experience for guests. Livingprojects was given the task by Holland Casino Breda to adjust the lighting accordingly and to ensure that the space would truly come together. The ambiance of the casino needed an upgrade but there were also practical requirements that played an important part the mission of Holland Casino Breda. To support the gameplay in the casino, the tables must always be provided with bright lighting. That also means a shadow-free result for an optimal view of the game.


The answer to the specific wishes of Holland Casino Breda? Dynamic lighting. We used Invisua spots and processed them in large, custom-made hanging fixtures. The trees in the Holland Casino were also highlighted in different colors. The bar was equipped with LED lines and we made our own design and realization for a large central object above the bar. The old part of the casino, formerly a monastery, was illuminated with warm white lighting in order to preserve the appearance of the old monastery. Last but not least, we also provided lighting for the canopy at the central entrance of the Chassé Theater Breda and Holland Casino Breda.


The result: perfect lighting for the gambling tables, a space with a personality and the possibility to play with light effects. For example, the lighting in the casino can be changed to a specific theme all with the push of a button. Ideal for events or special (holiday) days. That's what we call: Jackpot!

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