Holland Casino Utrecht

Want to submerge yourself in classy casino vibes, but a trip to Vegas is too much? Well, you are in luck, cause the new Holland Casino in Utrecht delivers the vibe! Livingprojects realised a unique lightinstallation for the facade of the remarkable goldcolored building. The spectaculair design ensures that visitors are directly welcomed in a unique casino decor.  A special and welcoming experience, exactly like Holland Casino had in mind!


A golden diamant

The remarkable building of the casino in Utrecht was designed by OZ Architecten. Adhering to the wishes of Holland Casino, they created a golden, diamond shaped building that had to be completely illuminated. A spectacular picture! Light designer Siegrid Siederius says: "Next to Holland Casino's wish to illuminate the entire building and be able to show content, we also took into account the requirements of the sustainability certification BREAAM. You don't want too much stray light and you also don't want to cause light pollution or glares."

Videocontent on the facade

Together with Holland Casino, Siegrid Siderius (on behalf of Arup) and facadebuilder Aldowa, we looked at the best lighting design for the facade. This resulted in a custom-made linear led fixture build in the overhang of the facade panels. The fixtures themselves are not directly visible, which creates indirect light. The panels of the facade work like a reflector. This creates the idea that the facade is the fixture itself. Moreover, there is the possibility to show content on the facade. Every ten centimeter can assume another color, which creates the possibility for a dynamic facade and to show detailed videocontent. However, this was also a challenge for us! With no less than 9000 fixtures we had to think about the cabling, connectionsa dn the best location for management with the Pharos controller. 

ADD wow to make an entrance

Not only the luxurious facade outside, but also the entrance of the casino holds a surprise for its visitors. Livingprojects created a 40 meter long lightinstallation that shows dynamic content together with Rovast, and based on a design from architectbureau Gensler. It's a striking object which ensures that Holland Casino continues to treat her visitors on a special casino experience. 

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