Holland Casino Utrecht

Although it could just be a piece of Vegas in the making, we were in Utrecht to carry out the work at the new Holland Casino building. Despite the fact that it is in full construction until the end of 2021, the impressive shapes, heights and of course the facade on which we worked make already a considerable impact. The final result will be beautiful and high-profile.

We still have to be patient for the opening, but in the meantime we enjoy the progress of the construction.



Opening Holland Casino Utrecht in 2021

Do you want to follow updates about Holland Casino Utrecht closely? Check the photos of the work and follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn. They expect that Holland Casino Utrecht will open the doors at the end of 2021. 

This fantastic lighting design was conceived by Sigrid Siderius. OZ architect was engaged for the design of the building (render made by Proloog, owned by OZ)