Viva las venlo!

Impressive, iconic, phenomenal, grand and a Las Vegas-vibe. Just some words that describe how surreal and amazing the new Holland Casino in Venlo became. The building a landmark with international allure. And the best part? Holland Casino asked Livingprojects to realize the dynamic LED facade. The result? A fascinating and special appearance that boosts Holland Casino's brand identity. Oh, and of course, more WOW than one can wish for. In short: jackpot!

An iconic building

It was supposed to be an iconic building. A translation of everything that Holland Casino stands for. Mission accomplished! At least, if you ask us. Holland Casino Venlo 2.0 is bigger, different and spectacular. It has a Vegas-like vibe, but better. Holland Casino chose the right spot for their new landmark: next to the A67, close to the German border. A spot that guarantees that the building will gain a lot of attention. And most of it is thanks to the LED lighting on the facade, which makes sure that the building doesn't only catch the eye during the day, but also at night. 

Choose your theme

The unique building of Holland Casino Venlo was designed by MVSA Architects, together with Arcadis, and Gensler. The facade consists of a grid comprised of enormous glass sequins, which were designed by Sorba. Behind these sequins LED lights were placed by Livingprojects. The LED lights used are from Color Kinetics, and make the entire facade light up. The complete lighting system is controlled by a Pharos controller. And that's not everything yet: the LED facade shows not just various colors, but it can also display video content. De entire media facade can be programmed based on, for example, seasons, theme nights or even a specific target audience of Holland Casino. Amazing and designed to surprise, exactly what you can expect from a casino. 

Media facade as a worldwide landmark

Both Holland Casino and the municipality of Venlo can use the building as an important landmark. Both parties have the dream to grow to an international level. And if you want to do that, a LED facade is essential! An eye-catching media facade is the surest way to show your brand and to support your brand positioning. The brand identity of Holland Casino gets a real boost. If you ask us, Holland Casino has the most striking casino of Europe, or better yet, the world!

Light as a service

The LED facade in Venlo was built according to the 'light as a service' principle. This means that the Holland Casino rents the facade from us for a set amount per month. That also means that  preventive and corrective maintenance is included. And that is the deal for the next ten years! Holland Casino is assured to have a media facade with optimal performance.

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