Work in progress? Feel free to say WOW in progress! The municipality of Amsterdam started working on a dry and direct connection for trains and subways at Amsterdam Central in April 2019. Impuls, the brainchild of Studiovb and Buro, was created to visualize this future connection. Impuls consists of a pattern of triangles, which temporarily covers the building site. Because of these shapes, the metro ceiling seems to rise through the floor in the station hall. A real WOW effect!


Een wow impuls

The object at Amsterdam Central did not just get the name 'Impuls' by chance. The 3D wall and the triangular shapes gives the impression that it seems pulsate. A metaphor for the liveliness that takes place underneath the object. A temporary project of approximately one year in which Livingprojects was responsible for the lighting. We did this in collaboration with Brok Decor and Buitink Technology. A special rental project that made you say WOW before you knew it. Impuls maybe?

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