KWa-bridge breda

Every ‘Bredanaar’ has ridden, cycled or walked over it at least once. The Koning Willem-Alexanderbridge in Breda, formerly known as the historic Trambridge. At this bridge the river Mark, the Tramsingel and the Academiesingel come together, a well-known central point in Breda. And that also means that the appearance and visibility of this bridge must be completely in order. In doing so, we have created a bridge to our role in this project, as we were commissioned by the municipality of Breda to provide the KWA-bridge with subtle yet striking lighting. 


The bridge to WOW

Because the current led line on the KWA-bridge no longer functioned, it was time for an update! The Municipality of Breda wanted a sustainable solution that is also waterproof. That required a bit of out-of-the-box thinking, or in this case: in-the-box. Our ‘Grote Tech’ Ronald developed custom-made boxes for this project to make the cable connection properly watertight. In addition to the sustainable solution, we also have a product warranty of no less than three years! 

The application of the ledstrip

The lighting on the bridge is essential for the safety, visibility and atmosphere around this busy traffic point. The 230-meter-long Vaya Freeform ledstrip from our partner Color Kinetics and the new profiles that have been incorporated into the handrail to install the ledstrip in a proper way, will certainly ensure this!