The swarm

It is one of the busiest bus routes in Eindhoven: the Montgomery lane. In order to solve problems that arise at the intersection, the construction of an uneven-leveled intersection was started. Which has since been fitted with a light artwork. Lighting designer Frank Tjepkema came up with 'The Swarm, inspired by a flock of birds. We have helped our client Signify (Color Kinetics) to bring the swarm to life and make the intersection shine.


Shining Birds

The Swarm consists of 700 steel birds and reacts to activity in the proximity due to sensors. Hundreds of LED lights can move along with passers-by. The more cars, the faster the light moves. Like a flock of birds that moves with the traffic. The light intensity also adjusts to the weather, the part of the day, the seasons and events. This requires a lot of programming and control of the light. There are two LEDs in each bird that can emit thousands of colors of light. The light shows you the way, because the artwork will make montgomery lane shine 24 hours a day. You can say that it is really a technical masterpiece.

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