Whether the façade of Moxy Hotels Amsterdam can turn completely (fuchsia) pink using light? Sounds like a piece of cake for light experts! But this modest question was in reality less simple than you think. The horizontal baskets on an aluminum frame provided the necessary challenge. Nothing to lose sleep over for us by the way. And of course we do not wish for hotel guests of Moxy Hotels Amsterdam to lose sleep either. That is why the façade lighting is installed in such a way that no colored light is visible from the hotel rooms. That means a clear view of the city and a good night's sleep.


WOW spotted!

Commissioned by Clemens Lighting advice, Livingprojects has realized the design of Clemens for the façade lighting of Moxy Hotels Amsterdam (Hotel Houthavens) with Color Kinetics fixtures and peripherals. The hotel is easy to spot due to the new façade lighting. A nice landmark in Amsterdam. Both during the day and at night this special building is clearly visible in the corporate color of Moxy Hotels; fuchsia pink.


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