At the place where PSV's biggest supporters gather, the Philips stadium, fans can indulge themselves in the PSV fanstore. Here you not only buy the latest match jersey, but you are also immersed in a world where PSV, Eindhoven and Puma come together. Everything in the store is focused on fan experience, brand activation and appealing to the supporters' hearts. Partly thanks to the lighting specials, which we were commissioned to make by Signify. 

'A Puma jacket'

With the rebranding of the PSV fanstore, the desire arose to give the store a tough Puma look. Inspired by the concept of the Puma Manchester United Fanshop, this led to the development of a lighting special. The result: sturdy light lines that float in the air throughout the store. The lines show a dynamic play of colors and are coloured, how could it be otherwise, in PSV red and white. A striking whole that adds extra value to the experience for supporters and tourists in the fanstore.   ​​​

Cool image

To realize the whole, Livingprojects developed a custom-made housing with a standard (Vaya Tube) fixture. A solution that, if we are to believe the employees of the fan store, really contributes to the tough look they had in mind.  



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