Living up to its name, A State of Trance succeeds time and again. 2018 is no exception. How do you achieve a magical feeling that brings people into a trance? With light strands of course! At least that is how A State of Trance managed to convey the WOW in 2018. When it comes to creating an unforgettable moment, music and light are a wonderful duo. Something that leaves an impression, something that makes you WOW: A Stage of Trance.


Extra dimension

Go big or go home, that is how the stage of 2018 can be described. It was equipped with a big dose of LED lighting. Not only have Ipix lines been used in the width and depth of the stage, a video screen was also placed behind the strands to give the event an extra dimension. DJs such as Armin van Buuren, Ben Nicky, David Gravell and Garath Emery were in the middle of the light strands which made them one with the light show. The video screen, in combination with LED lines and electronic music, provided a unique decor, which guaranteed to bring visitors in a trance.


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