From mega-cinema to restaurant and from game hall to a true Instagram museum: Westfield Mall Of The Netherlands has it all. Nowadays everything revolves around the ideal customer experience. That is also what Westfield radiates: when you walk into this shopping center, you find yourself in a true shopping mecca. To increase the shopper experience here, Livingprojects and Signify joined forces to add that extra WOW.



This new, indoor shopping center is the largest of its kind in the Netherlands and is located in Leidschendam. In the shopping center there is a work of art that consists entirely of chains hanging down. Together these chains form a large curtain. To make this impressive work of art stand out even more, it had to be provided with the necessary lighting. Wibeke Vandevelde - Pollé, lighting designer at Signify, created a lighting plan for this work of art. It was Livingprojects' task to implement.


Entirely according to the lighting plan and the wishes of The Mall Of The Netherlands, the artwork was eventually equipped with a dynamic RGB LED solution. This dynamic solution consists of up to 250 remote controlled Invisua Masterspots. In addition, Livingprojects also supplied the general lighting, consisting of up to 400 Invisua and Philips Greenspace fixtures.


The dynamic lighting of the artwork changes continuously: throughout the day, the light settings change and the curtain taking a different appearance. In addition, Wibeke has provided for different, festive lighting modes on public holidays, such as King's Day, Valentine's Day, Christmas and Liberation Day. The different seasons have not been forgotten either. In addition, the lighting can also be easily controlled by the shopping center itself. They can adjust the lighting modes to their liking to add extra WOW in real time.

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