New facade lighting Holland Casino Utrecht

Take a risk, take a gamble. Anyone who does not dare to do that should certainly have nothing to do with a casino. Also, when it comes to the installation of new spectacular facade lighting, which will undoubtedly put the new Holland Casino Utrecht in the ‘landmark’ category. Because what an assignment that is. A challenge in many ways, an assignment that is made for us, even if we say so ourselves. Because if you look at the render, you will quickly notice that the lighting of this facade is going to be a WOW squared case. 

Who came up with this grandiose design? Those credits go to OZ Architect (render made by Proloog, owned by OZ). 

Holland Casino Utrecht render

Check the WOW in progress

Curious about the progress of this project? Check our photos for the work or follow us on Facebook and LinkedInThe new Holland Casino Utrecht is expected to open its doors in mid-2021.