You want to innovate, grow and operate smoothly? But that costs money. Sometimes that money is not available or you have more investments on your wish list. We understand! That is why we offer solutions where you can spread payments over a longer period of time and already make use of tomorrow's technology today! Full payment solutions including hardware, software, maintenance and services, so that you have more investment capacity and you can focus on what is really important to you: the growth and development of your company.


  • Solutions where you buy equipment (you are the owner).
  • Solutions where you use the equipment (Livingprojects remains the owner).
  • Extra service-options, like additional warranties, maintenance of your equipment, the right to a replacement product during repairs and insurance possibilities.

The Pros

  • Financial flexibility to purchase or renew the right technology, adjusted to you current strategy and future corporate vision.
  • Reduced overall costs, less pressure on cash flows and more investment capacity.
  • Keeps the budget predictable: you know exactly where you stand!

Jouw oplossing?

Die brengen onze experts graag voor je in kaart. Er zijn nogal wat mogelijkheden. We stemmen de oplossing af op jouw zakelijke plannen. Geen zorgen, wel budgettaire flexibiliteit.