In 2015, an icy wind that too often rushed through the New Emmasingel led to the arrival of a canopy on the residential tower "The Admirant". As a result, the shopping street in the center of Eindhoven had to become a lot more pleasant for the shopkeepers, the residents and the shopping public. The 750 square meter glass surface prevents not only bitter winds in the face of passers-by, but also gave Livingprojects, lighting designer Ellen de Vries and the LUX LAB a great opportunity. 


Don’t break the sound barrier

Livingprojects installed an interactive LED grid in collaboration with Ellen de Vries and the LUX Lab. It was named: "Don’t break the sound barrier." During the light festival ‘ Glow’  the installation was used as an interaction between light and people passing by. How? The LED grid reacts to the sounds that people produce under the canopy. The various reactions of the audience not only produced different shapes in the light, but also a change in colors. This created a great collaboration between the spectators, who work together to discover all the hidden combinations. A WOW feeling all over!

a permanent landmark

The lighting system on the canopy at 'The Admirant' has now become a permanent light art piece, a landmark at Eindhoven. Without interaction but still with plenty of dynamics, due to the change and movement in the color on the grid. That gives this landmark just that little bit of extra WOW.

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