Update Facade Rotterdam Ahoy

Eyecatcher: The Media Facade of Rotterdam Ahoy. With no less than 1000 m2, this media facade welcomes visitors and passers-by in all its glory. It is striking, spectacular, not to be missed and, above all, WOW!



In collaboration with Signify, Livingprojects had the honor to update the facade of Rotterdam Ahoy. The new LED lights had to be mounted on the existing brackets of the old facade lighting. Challenging, and that is why we had to do it. After a process of engineering, the installation could begin. The result? A media facade where the center shines brighter than ever before. It makes reporters happy, but visitors and passers-by can also appreciate live images and stunning light effects. A pride for Rotterdam and a pride for Livingprojects.


Due to changing surroundings around Rotterdam Ahoy, it was decided to keep the focus of the media facade in the center. It consists of three parts in which the central part has a high resolution that creates a sharper picture. The outsides were also equipped with LED lights to maintain a high impact. The distance between the lights however was kept a bit larger. This makes for a lower resolution on the sides, which reinforces the key point in the center of the media facade. A real eye-catcher, day or night. An impression that remains engraved in your memory.

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