Add 21.000 RGB LED pixels

As the name suggests, the Foodstrip in Amsterdam Southeast is the place to be if you are looking for a quick bite. The fast food street contains four different buildings and is surrounded by sixteen large arches. To ensure that the collection of restaurants is still visible from the highway A2 at night, Livingprojects have been asked to provide the arches with lighting. Commissioned by property owner Caransa we were allowed to design, install and program the special lighting solutions. The solution? Of course, strips full of RGB LED pixels.


Special ledstrip

Do you know what makes us truly happy? A good old challenge. The Foodstrip in Amsterdam is just that. The challenge was mainly the divergent shape and the enormous size of construction that we had to cover with LED lighting. Our engineers came up with an installation where we provide the decorative arches with no less than 21,000 Philips MX RGB LED pixels. A special strip that carries 72 pixels was especially developed for this challenge. Each pixel can also be controlled separately. The result? A dynamic and striking whole.


What makes this project special is that it continues after installation. In addition to a product warranty of ten years, we also have a five-year service contract that optimizes the maintenance and performance of the LED pixels. No burdens, we love it!

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