Maaspoort Sports and Events is a (top) sports hall in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. Home of the professional basketball team the SPM Shoeters and many other sports and events. With a capacity of over 3000 people, the sports hall is the perfect location for exciting competitions and sensational concerts. That is why Livingprojects added a bit of WOW in the form of new lighting. A strikingly beautiful, multifunctional (top) sports hall was born.



From sports hall to multifunctional center. A clear mission where the addition of light plays an essential role. If you do it the right way at least. Remco van der Pot, General Manager of Maaspoort Sports & Events, knows that like no other. A former replacement of his lighting to achieve a higher lux value for television recordings, not only left him with a far too high energy bill, but also unnecessary repairs due to lack of regular maintenance. Add to that the lack of colored lighting and a handy control of the fixtures and you come to the conclusion: call Livingprojects.


With the former limited lighting at Maaspoort, Livingprojects was eager to start working on a new lighting design. All fixtures in the sports hall were replaced by sustainable LED lighting. The new Color Kinetics fixtures together produce 1200 lux, more than enough for television recordings! They also give the requested colored light effects, which are  of course dimmable. This gave Maaspoort the opportunity to adjust the lighting levels to match the style of various types of events. To increase the ease of use, different levels of lighting have been pre-programmed, making them easy to select. WOW: a piece of cake!


All new LED lighting was installed at Maaspoort within four weeks. The WOW effect grew and electric bill dropped. A reduction of no less than 58%: from 38,000 W to 16,000 W. Whoever enters Maaspoort can expect a colorful sports hall with lighting that not only perfectly matches the activity, but is also easy to arrange yourself. A pleasant space with endless possibilities. Think fairs, (sport) events, company parties, sports days, congresses, seminars and training. From sports hall to flexible sports, concert and event hall: that's just WOW!

General manager Remco van der Pot:

"Now we can change the hall in different colors of light. During the most exciting parts of a competition, we can add an extra dimension to the show and change the color schemes."


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