wow in white

Sensation, an initiative that took its first breath in 2000 in Amsterdam ArenA and has now become a global phenomenon. The festival continues to amaze and that is something we also stand by. Our passion for light is stimulated and in return we stimulate others with the help of spectacular light artworks. A feeling of togetherness through music, dance, light and of course the typical dress code: be a part of the night, dress in white!



If we can get people into space than we can also bring space to the people. For the 11th edition of the festival, the Amsterdam ArenA was transformed into a galaxy. A dynamic work of art of spherical light that could move separately from each other filled the ArenA with goose bumps. In collaboration with ID&T, we did the technical realization of this spectacular lighting design. The winches to which the bulbs were attached were digital. As a result, the bulbs were driven to make a stunning light show possible. During this festival, all visitors were no longer on planet earth, but were swallowed up in a fantasy world where light rules.

Source of Light

Sensation is a dance event, but light undoubtedly also plays a major role. A little extra attention was paid to light during this edition. There was a source of light in a white oasis of visitors. The goal was to impress and with this in mind, a sphere was created that made the Amsterdam ArenA shine. But how do you make such a sphere shine? That is where we step in. By installing different hubs at every intersection of the spheres skeleton. And not only could the sphere shine, but 3D video could also be played on this creation. This  adds that extra WOW and gives visitors an experience that will stay with them for a long time.

Into The Wild

The name kind of gives it away: Sensation Into The Wild was one big dance jungle. A unique setting where big names such as Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano, Fedde le Grand, Nicky Romero and Mark Knight came to play in a wilderness of spectacular light shows. Light designer Sander den Otter went for a unique setting where everything revolved around the jungle theme. At this show, not only the unique appearance, but also a practical aspect was essential. The Sensation shows are all over the world which means that everything has to be easy to transport, install and inspect. It was up to Livingprojects to come up with a WOW solution. For this, our engineers used Color Kinetics light strings that were attached to the ceiling with a customized suspension system. The result: luminous lianas for a huge WOW effect throughout the entire room!

The Legacy

Every year Sensation pulls out all the stops and this year was no exception. To celebrate 15 years of Sensation, the spectacular lighting works from previous editions have been reused to create the ultimate WOW. The same bulbs from the Innerspace edition of which we did the technical realization 4 years earlier were once again shining in the Amsterdam ArenA. The big sphere of light from the Source of Light was again the centerpiece during this edition. Sensation has once again succeeded in stimulating the senses. A feast for the eyes and soul, also on video. Perfection was a top priority during Legacy. We helped to make sure that complete synchronous and uniform lighting can be seen on videos. Here is some video proof.


Angels and Demons

Two groups, black and white, but together they were one. During this special edition, the tradition was broken to attend the festival dressed in white. This year it was 50% white and 50% black, or: the angels and the demons. To visualize these two opposites, two light artworks were designed. And where there is a special light artwork, there is Livingprojects. This edition we provided the design with a pixel-driven outline. This brought the artworks to life so both the angels and the demons could party with a WOW feeling.




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