With a mighty length of 40 meters, the Brainmarker along the highway A2 in Eindhoven, cannot be missed. A unique landmark for the Brainport region. An important junction of the Netherlands, which breathes innovation and technology. You can see that reflected in the tough and industrial structure of the Brainmarker. Livingprojects was commissioned by Q-lite and Brainmarker projects B.V. to provide the metal framework with lighting. The goal? A dynamic lighting solution that draws attention to the huge billboards on top of the Brainmarker.



Because the billboards are outside 24/7, it was essential to select lighting fixtures that perform well under extreme conditions. To fully illuminate the glass and metal exterior, Livingprojects chose LED lighting fixtures from Color Kinetics. The customized strings are not only extremely flexible, but also individually adjustable. The addition of glass panels created a beautiful glow that shines through the Brainmarker. A WOW worthy sight in the dark!


The Brainmarker not only emphasizes the technological character of Eindhoven, but also grabs the attention of passing vehicles. The eye is drawn directly to the LED screens on top of the Brainmarker. A unique advertising mast that offers companies the opportunity to convey their message to one of the busiest junctions on the highway A2.

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