The Flying wow

A sensational festival: The Flying Dutch. A concept in which the Netherlands' most famous DJs go back and forth between Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Eindhoven to throw an unforgettable party. Sounds like a big WOW moment. It is not for nothing that Livingprojects is more than proud of her contribution to the rental of lighting for these legendary events. We were there not one, not two, but three times!


The Flying Dutch 2015

In 2015 the spectacular festival 'The Flying Dutch' was born. The open air festival attracted the world's best Dutch DJs and drove them to give a big show on three different stages: Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Eindhoven. And that, of course, is not possible without super cool stage lighting. Commissioned by ALDA Events, Livingprojects installed more than 850 meters of RGB LED strips on the outlines of the geometrically shaped stage.

The Flying Dutch 2016

The successful event promised to become even bigger and more spectacular in 2016. We were exited and in 2016 Livingprojects was there again to join the party. While we only installed the lighting on stage in Eindhoven during the first edition in 2015, we were present at all locations in 2016. All three stages had the same center with a huge logo of The Flying Dutch. Livingprojects has provided all these logos with LED lines and the triangle in which it is placed was also provided with a light line.

The design from Eindhoven from the first edition was brought to Amsterdam and expanded. It took more than 1,300 meters (+/- 4300 ft) to cover the triangles on the stage with LED lighting. Yes, that was a WOW!

The Flying Dutch 2017

After two fantastic editions, Livingprojects was also first in line to add WOW to The Flying Dutch in 2017. Alda Events asked us to deliver and install the LED lighting in all three cities (Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Eindhoven). A large central triangle with a logo in it became the final result. Livingprojects used LED lines again to create the showpiece. In addition to the central triangle, there was a ship built on the site next to Ahoy Rotterdam with a width of 80 meters (+/- 260 ft) and a height of 30 meters (+/- 100 ft). Four large sails and two gigantic waves, made up of triangles, supported the bow of the ship in which the DJ was hyping up the crowd.

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