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Ledgevel, Media façade


Kim Fontein

Sep 1, 2021, 9:42 AM



You probably have seen a media facade before. You might have even noticed how you couldn’t look away. Not strange at all, seeing the specially made brand content that is displayed on it. A great way to boost the brand. And that is true! But how does that work? And why should you want it, too?

1. Ease of use

We get it, having a media facade sounds pretty complicated. But let’s take some of the worry away: it isn’t difficult at all. Your main point of focus should be what you want to accomplish with your facade. You see, there are several ways to get to a media facade, all looking slightly different. Just look at for example Holland Casino Venlo and Holland Casino Utrecht. Both facades have the ability to display content, but both decided upon a slightly different form. If you have decided upon that, the only thing left to do is to create your content! Managing it is not a problem at all. There are easy to use systems that will make adjusting the content on your facade a breeze.

Breepark led facade media facade
2. Display your brand

But what kind of content do you want to show? Since it is your facade, you decide! A great thing to do is to use your facade to showcase your brand to the world. Make some amazing brand content, and you can get some free advertising. You can even decide upon how to showcase your brand. Do you want a video, a static image, or maybe just some minimalistic colors? Or do you want to make people aware of a certain event your hosting, or communicate something else? Everything is possible with a media facade! Displaying your brand content on your facade has two great advantages: people know where you are located and what you do, and it is guaranteed to catch the eyes of every passerby!

3. Grab the spotlight

As mentioned, one advantage is for sure the attention it generates. Just think about the sheer size of your facade. No way you can get a billboard that big. A media facade attracts a lot of attention from passersby, even more than neon letters do. Especially if you are located in an area with multiple companies. Big chance that your neighbors already have their brand logo comprised of neon letters somewhere on their facade. But there is little chance that there is another company with a strikingly beautiful media facade. Having a brightly illuminated facade displaying your content is unique, and thus it is an ideal way to put your company in the spotlight. Your building becomes a true landmark. Your company will not just steal a glance, but even hearts!



Do you think your facade could use a boost? Or do you have plans to build a new building that lends itself perfectly for a media facade? Please feel free to contact one of our specialists!