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Ledgevel, Media façade


Laura Slaa

Sep 1, 2021, 11:42 AM




You don't see them every day, but when you see them, you are guaranteed to keep looking: striking media facades. That is of course exactly why a media facade is build. Anyone who invests in a media facade wants to stand out, make an impact and/or create awareness. With such striking, interactive media facades you might immediately think of global cities, such as Tokyo or Dubai. Nevertheless, a number of striking media facades can also be found on Dutch soil. Just look at the Ziggodome in Amsterdam, for example. Dynamic media facades can also be spotted outside the capital, which we as Livingprojects are proud to work on. In this blog I highlight three media facades with a high WOW-factor.


1. Holland Casino, Venlo

For the true Vegas feeling you no longer have to visit Las Vegas; a visit to Limburg is already enough. Recently, a true landmark has been build in Venlo: the Holland Casino. This media facade creates a WOW feeling for the environment. The large, glass sequins light up all over the building, so the building will not go unnoticed. In addition to all the colors of the rainbow, the facade can also play video content, which means that the Holland Casino can always play up-to-date content.



Breda gained a landmark as well not too long ago. Breepark, the largest event location in the south of the Netherlands, wanted to give its visitors a suitable experience. With such a huge facade, the solution was simple: a media facade that you can only say 'WOW' to. The facade has become a feast for the eyes, but is also practical in use for Breepark employees. The lights can be controlled with user-friendly systems and optimal contacts between all zones.


Breepark led facade media facade


3. ahoy, rotterdam

When you’re in for a night out at Ahoy Rotterdam, you are greeted by a huge media facade. Not only that, the media facade is the largest form of communication in the neighborhood and is used, among other things, for live images and impressive light effects that visitors and passersby can enjoy. If you notice that your eyes are drawn to the center of this huge media facade, then you're right. The technology ensures that the resolution in the center is higher compared to the resolution on the sides. This creates a stronger focus point in the center.



Bonus: Holland Casino, Utrecht

The Holland Casino in Utrecht is still under construction until the end of 2021, but it's definitely promising! This piece of wow-in-the-making already makes quite an impact with the heights formed. In addition to color, video content can also be displayed on this media facade. A perfect tool for the marketer of Holland Casino!




Do you also want to make an impact in your environment? Or do you perhaps need some extra reasons why you would want a media facade? Please feel free to contact one of our specialists!